Are you working at a job you hate? Does the stress overwhelm you to the point you find it hard to breathe?

How did you get to this?

Sometimes we just need a job, any job to maintain our lifestyle or maybe we entered into it thinking it was going to be great, then reality set in. Maybe you’re trapped by your experience because you specialized and now you’re burned out. What can you do?

*Take chances
Granted, most of us have to have a paycheck to survive but we can apply for jobs that are outside the box.

*Take less money
Money can’t buy happiness. If taking a job that makes less money means you’ll also be happier with less stress and anxiety then think seriously about doing it.

*Forget about status
Who gives a crap about titles or social circles if you are miserable? Leave the BS behind and reach for authentic. You’d be surprised how fast calm comes around.

* Do something closer to home. Lessen your stress by working closer to home or even in your home. Saying goodbye to the commute is freeing.

* Brainstorm a business.
These days you can find a niche and start a business with little or nothing. Look around your community for a need that you can fill them build a business in your free time. Next thing you know you’ll be saying sayonara to the job.

* Don’t let fear stop you
There are lots of people out there with great ideas. The difference between those that success and those that don’t is simple action. Don’t be afraid to take action on your ideas.

Get out there and shake hands, post messages, get your voice out there. There are any number of books and information on the internet about networking and marketing. Become informed them go get ’em.

* Minimize your expenses and anything that is unnecessary in your life. Focus on simple action that creates quality of life not quantity. Simple . Easy.

Life less complicated starts with your work and moves in from there. Begin with where you spend most of your time and energy then focus on the rest of the details. Taking the clutter out of your life gives it value and resilience.