It’s been five years now since I woke up to minimalism.

For me it was an easy decision. I came close to death with an illness.
Suddenly material things had little meaning or priority.
I woke up one morning and felt the urge to get my things in order.
Getting rid of things couldn’t happen fast enough. I took
bags and boxes of everything to the local donation center.
I gave away furniture to the neighbors and posted items on
Freecycle every day until there was little left.
My poor husband probably thought I had lost my mind until
we sat down and talked about having less.
Now he recognizes the benefits.
Every once in a while I think I need more.
It doesn’t last very long.
As soon as I get back to center and remember
why I wanted to become a minimalist the
extra stuff disappears again and I feel the peace.
With the passing of time this happens less and I
simply enjoy having less.

Some can’t understand how I can do without.
Others wonder how I can be a minimalist while
living with someone that’s not.
It’s an individual journey but we can get ideas
and gather like individuals to discover the
common ground of a peaceful life.
We can determine our own level and rules
for our journey to becoming a minimalist.

There are some nice benefits:

I have more time to read, take care of my spirit, be with my child,
and enjoy meditation to free my mind.

With less stuff lying around we simply have more space. No more is there
an urge to fill it up. Space is calming.

The need for less means that we are seldom tempted to buy things we don’t really need.
Impulse buying is a thing of the past. We have a few nice things. Although I buy my clothes used at the thrift store I only keep what I need and am not tempted to buy more.

Less stress:
By spending less, having more space, and more time stress is much less. Becoming a minimalist
has made me more aware of self-induced stress and how to avoid it.

A New outlook:
At first my friends were bothered by my new lifestyle. They felt awkward with me. Then something wonderful happened. When they saw how much happier I was and realized that I didn’t have the chaotic life they had they began to admire my lifestyle. The questions came slowly and then many of them were implementing small steps towards minimalism that made their lives better. Although I had never preached my lifestyle to them on a soapbox, they heard the message loud and clear by seeing and hearing the example.

Authentic Friends
In becoming a minimalist I lost a few friends. It was nothing dramatic. We simply drifted away
from each other. For the most part, I decided to minimize drama in my life. I let go of the past and started fresh in a new town with a new job. Those friends that couldn’t have a meaningful
conversation with me, that talked only about how busy and chaotic life was, I gently let go.
Now authentic relationships are more important and I have enjoyed every simple moment.

Waking up to becoming a minimalist has made my life so much better. I want to spread the word to tell everyone how easy it is to simplify your life and be content. There is nothing like the reformed. My enthusiasm may get a little irritating. My humble apologies if that’s the case. Take the fragments of my posts that speak to you and don’t worry about the rest.

Thanks for reading.