One of my goals is to write more and I found that I was going in too many directions so I sat down and decided to minimize in other areas.

* I gave the crafts away
No more half finished crochet to stare at when I opened the closet door.

*I stopped doing projects for my friends
I was doing a lot of work online for my friend with no compensation or direction. I politely told them I had a project of my own and I simply don’t have the time.

*I minimized social media.
Facebook etc is now only used to promote my work. No more scrolling through posts wasting time.

*Minimal friends
I have been careful not to get involved with  people at work or in our neighborhood. I am pleasant and of course talk to people but I avoid going to lunch or making plans after work. I’m a self declared introvert and they all laughingly accept that. I have little tolerance for drama so it works for me.

*I went to an all black wardrobe
It saves time, energy, and thought.

*I started using audible education
Now I  listen to free educational books and lectures on YouTube while I walk or clean house. It keeps me moving, there’s no expense, and I can multitask. Love it.

I streamlined my beauty routine by using the same steps morning and night. Oil cleanse, brush teeth, olive oil all over for skin and cuticles. In the morning I apply base, eyeliner, and mascara with lipstick for lips and blush.
At night I shower  for ten minutes after I walk. I apply nails once a week for ten minutes and never have to touch them up or think about them.

I still get to be creative. I socialize with other writers and readers. I still take care of myself and get to feel beautiful. There’s just no unnecessary tasks, frustration, or wasted time.

What would you minimize to make your dreams come true?