I have been a champion procrastinator.

If they ever had a contest I would win a ribbon. Sadly, I’ve grown up and even though I knew it paralyzed me, I still allowed procrastination to effect my life. My only regret is that I didn’t take action, I didn’t do more about achieving my dreams, or doing a better job. Maybe I’ve finally learned my lesson.

I’ve minimized my possessions, let bad relationships go, and set the chaos in my life packing. Now I realize just how much procrastination has caused needless worry and work. I’ve laid awake at night worrying about things at work, become anxious about little things like cleaning, and occupied my mind endlessly trying to remember my “to do” list.

The epiphany came one early morning at work when it dawned on me that if I just did things right away, I would be more organized and I wouldn’t have to worry about everything that was on my plate. You would think that this was easy to see and so obvious. I was too busy worrying and trying to figure out how to be organized.

I took action.

I made the decision to do things. Now.
To make a plan seemed like too much fuss.
I needed to keep it simple.

Do everything now.

At home:

Keep kitchen counters completely clear.
Put things back away right away.
Do dishes and laundry as soon as there is a load.
Empty machines and put away clothes/dishes right away.
Basic cleaning has one room one day each week. Simple.
Morning and evening routines work.

At work:

Process paperwork right away.
Have appointed days for certain tasks and stick to the task as much as possible.
Mind your own business. Don’t get caught up in things that don’t concern you.
Call people back right away.
Say no when appropriate.
Minimize distractions.

I just started minimizing procrastination and it feels good to get things done. My mind is of course calmer.
It’s been a little tough at times sticking to it but I like the end result so I’ll keep going until it’s a habit.

The things that have helped along the way:

Wearing monochrome clothes

One Meal


Consistency Matters

Simple Morning Routine