The last of the extras are going to donation today. The extra set of dishes that we never use, the million mugs that collected dust, and the casserole dishes that sit there silently empty are the last of it all. The pasta dish set may find it’s way into the car in the next few minutes along with those three extra plates.

My minimal kitchen makes me smile.

The basics:

Two cast iron deep dish frying pans
These have many uses as dutch ovens, casserole dishes, and boiling pasta etc.
You can flip the lids over to use as shallow frying pans or to bake in.

Two cast iron loaf pans
I bake lentil loaf, potato or zucchini casseroles and corn bread in these.
They are good for any small casserole or baked dish that fits. Perfect for serving two – four people.

The great thing about cast iron is that it never dies. They don’t break or chip, they don’t stain or wear out. Oil them, cure them in the oven once every so often and don’t soak them in water. That’s it. I’ll have them forever.


One set dishes
I buy Corelle so they don’t chip easily, they microwave, they do it all.
There are cereal bowls, side plates and regular dinner plates.
I gave the mugs away. There were too many.


One set flatware for eating and serving.


One set serving and cooking tools such as spoons, spatulas, and tongs.

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One Ninja Blender for smoothies and homemade sauces or dressings.

The Essential cloth kitchen:
One set pot holders
Four dish cloths
Four dish towels

In my pantry I keep plant-based staples:

Brown Rice
Peanut butter
Dried Cranberries
Flax Seeds
Chia seeds
Canned tomato sauce
Avocado oil

In my freezer:
Frozen Fruit
Stir fry blend vegetables
Frozen sweet potatoes
Veggie Burgers
Whole grain tortillas
Vegan waffles

In my refrigerator:
Soy milk
Grape tomatoes
Baby carrots
Veggie tray
Kale or spinach
Salad Dressings
Fresh fruit
Fresh veggies

Cleaning solutions:
Baking Soda
Dish washing soap

I keep about the same stock of food in my kitchen all the time. The only baking I do is the occasional cornbread mix or sugar free brownie mix which I buy only one at a time for an occasion. The variety of plant-based foods allows me to mix and create endless combinations. We obviously will never go hungry.

What do you have in your kitchen?