Last weekend I cleaned out and organized the last closet, gave the last of things for donation and recycled the last piece of paper cluttering the end table. Now what?

On my journey to becoming a minimalist in the last six years I have accidentally made a hobby of getting rid of things and organizing. Now as I look around there is really nothing to be done. I should be grateful. There’s a whole lot of space and it brings a state of peace and yet…

What now?

I’ve longed for this moment but I have to say that it’s a little strange. There’s nothing to clean out. I don’t have to worry about maintaining my lifestyle because we have simplified everything such as going paperless and buying only what we need. I no longer have the desire to buy more clothes, beauty products, or stuff in general. So, I am not worried about things getting cluttered again or having a moment of weakness.

Although it’s a great feeling to finally get there the habit of cleaning things still wants to be satisfied. I can no longer relate to capsule wardrobes because I have the rule of three and just one set of 33 things to wear. I have a spouse that is not a minimalist but he keeps his things neat and tidy so I don’t care. There is nothing to acquire, nothing that I need.

This is not a bad thing. It’s just a new feeling that I am strangely having to adapt to.