I test myself every once in awhile to see if I’m missing anything. Rolling through the deals on EBay this what I find:

* Watches
I don’t wear one ever. My phone tells me what time it is and even reminds me what to do next. I’m not even tempted by the cheap or expensive watch.

* Purses and Bags
From cheap copies to designer Purses and bags, there is one for everyone but me. I followed Anna Wintour and decided not to carry one in general. I keep 3. One red pocket book from 1960 something, one small dome Coach for that rare evening company dinner, and one “back bag” by Swiss Gear that just won’t wear out. My best friend makes custom leather bags. They don’t even make me stray. Don’t need another. Don’t really need what I’ve got.

* Shoes
I have five pair. Work, casual, black flats for dress, garden, and hiking. Having five almost gives me hives because I think it’s too many but common sense makes me keep them. No more than 5.

*Jewelry and Scarves
I wear my fake pearl stud earrings with everything. It sets me apart. That’s it. No need to buy the latest fashion. I can’t stand anything close to my neck so scarves, necklaces, and turtlenecks are easily passed by.

* Makeup and skin care products
I gave it all up. Now I drink more water, use lemon juice at night and a dab of olive oil for day. I wear a hat in the sun, skin brush before a shower and spray body with vinegar and water solution daily then moisturize with olive oil. If I need a scrub I use baking soda and oil or water.I used to wear it all and buy it all. Now I can’t stand worrying about buying it or organizing it at home. Doing without is peaceful.

*Electronic Gadgets
I do love my smart phone but I don’t always have to have the latest one. My laptop is about five years old now and still works for writing if I don’t want to use my phone. The evolution of phones has helped me so much in becoming a minimalist. I use it to read books, schedule activities, balance my bank account, write, and get free education. There is nothing else I need and I can take it anywhere with me. This has allowed us to go paperless at home.

* Fashion
I adopted a uniform. This has been one of the most pleasing things I have done to become a minimalist. After trying to figure out how to reduce the number of clothes I wear I finally stumbled upon the concept of a uniform, wearing the same thing every day. Steve jobs did it. He wore the same shirt and jeans style for years. So for me, I have a rule of three: 3 black traveler’s tank tops, 3 black cardigans, 3 black dress pants for work, 3 pairs jeans. People hardly notice and when they do it just sets me apart from the crowd. It has made me examine my personality more and reflect on it. Buying clothes isn’t tempting to me anymore. I just replace clothes when I need to.

After cruising through the deals at Ebay and finding that I didn’t really need anything, I thought about minimizing digitally and considered what wasn’t in line with my minimalist life. Online shopping is unnecessary at this point. I have an Amazon account but I only use it now to replace clothing or kitchen items. I used to use Subscribe and Save but I have no need for it now. I can buy things in bulk locally and use less packaging which falls in line with our move towards less waste at our house. I also don’t really like the way online businesses track my purchases. I would rather buy locally and keep marketing out of my life as much as possible. So, I’m deleting any shopping app from my phone including Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, and Costco. We are debating not renewing our Costco Warehouse membership this next spring because of the amount of packaging that their products have and paying an annual fee to save money just doesn’t seem right to me. Shopping online is too easy. It take a considerable effort and thought to make a trip to the grocery store, put something in my basket, and walk out the door. It’s certainly more effort than clicking an order button.

What’s missing? I don’t feel that I’m missing anything. We have what we need along with a lot of peaceful space. Closets aren’t crammed with unknowns, cupboards aren’t crowded, drawers aren’t cluttered. If anything, becoming a minimalist has made me a bit obsessive about having too much. I keep a watchful eye on the amount of things in our home and am a bit extreme in my thinking. What matters is that I don’t impose it on others and I don’t preach it to others. It works for me and that’s what matters.