Letting Go of Accomplishments

In our morning manager’s meeting the other day we had to go around the room and tell of our greatest accomplishments. I pondered and then stammered briefly about being able to let go of what people think of me. At first the question raised some insecurity in me. Had I accomplished enough by the age of 50? By whose standards? People mentioned their degrees, job titles, and owning homes. All I could think was how little any of that mattered to me. Goals are great and getting an education or a dream job is always a positive thing of course but I found myself looking beyond all of that. I remembered when my mother died. She was a great woman that was loved by many in her community as well as her family. She had a bookshelf full of self help books though, that showed her insecurities. How could such a beautiful soul think that she was lacking?
I was never one that needed to be important. I have a management job that I stumbled into and I like the work but there are days that I would rather be a worker bee and fade into the crowd. The only accomplishment that I really look for is peace. It sounds corny but it’s true. It was only when I started letting go of things that I thought identified me that I found that peace. Now I wear simple  clothing, own less things, and have fewer friends. It sounds boring to some but I like it. I find drama or involvement in other people’s business intolerable so I’ve evolved into a quieter soul. Letting go doesn’t mean that I’ve become lazy. I just make choices that matter to me.