What if I give something away and I need it later?
What if I regret getting rid of something sentimental?
I’ll keep it just in case.

We are trapped by “just in case”.

We hesitate giving away clothing we don’t wear “just in case” we might.
We buy more food than we need “just in case” we run out.
We are guilty of buying all sorts of things “just in case” we entertain.
We buy big houses to store all of this stuff “just in case” we need to impress someone.

Being prepared is vital to coping with our society that is so full of activities, career strategies, and fashion that we can hardly breathe. Our measure of a man is how big his house is and how many great things he can fit inside of it. We stopped living within our means 50 years ago or so. Common sense gave way to convenience, status, and ambition. We would hate to get caught in any situation lacking.

How do we go against that?