Minimizing in 2016

Every year at this time we sit down and plan for the coming year. ┬áThere is always a list of what needs to be done in the house and some individual goals for each of us. I’ve had some time to reflect on how I lived in 2015 and what I would like to change.

  • Clothing: I was buying clothes at the thrift store thinking that I was staying minimal and yet I found myself cycling through buying and purging very often-too often. This year for clothing I am down to basic black with a few other casual pieces. I got rid of worn clothing. I’ve decided to buy less but new and adopt the unique challenge of buying clothes only at the warehouse store where we buy groceries. They have most things.
  • Food: We’ve moved to a plant-based diet and had great fun trying new recipes. In 2016 we will be more content with simple meals. I won’t be buying the vegan cream cheese or bagged salads. We’ve taken to eating finger vegetables, microwaved root vegetables, beans, and whole grain bread. I plan on buying the tried and true at our house and not mess with multiple ingredients. We also want to reduce waste so I’ll be conscious of packaging when possible and only make enough food so that it doesn’t go to waste sitting there.
  • Beauty: I’ve struggled with letting go of beauty so I have decided to take the middle road. I order foundation, hair color, and mascara at Amazon Subscribe and Save so that I am not tempted to buy more and I’ll buy 1$ lip and eye shadow at the Dollar Tree. No more extras or going without any makeup. I’ll be using my plant-based diet as well as exercise to enhance my skin and hair. Drinking more water and green tea suits me now. Balance is the name of the game.
  • Books: I’ve been guilty in the past of buying books only to set them aside and either not read them or donate them right away. No more cycling with books this year. I can’t seem to sit down and read a book anymore so I switched to audio books that I can listen to while I clean house or while I am walking on the treadmill. Easy fix.
  • Social Media: I’m saying goodbye to social media in a few days for good. I won’t be using it in 2016. There are a number of reasons for this but mainly because I want more introspection and less idleness. The only interaction online I feel the need for is through blogging.
  • Simple exercise: I need to move more for my health so I’ll be using the $25 treadmill every day with the hopes of buying a new one at the end of the year. If I can say that I have used it every day I don’t think that buying the new improved model is unreasonable. Walking has worked well for me in the past, is easy on the body, and I can listen to audio books while I do it. Nothing like multitasking.
  • I am Enough: In 2016 I have some goals but I won’t make resolutions to lose weight or entertain the thinking that I could be better. This is the year that I shed that mentality of never being good enough. Being content with what I have, who I am, and how I live is first.

So in 2016 life is getting easier because we are going with the flow. We aren’t pushing against what is but move forward with a positive attitude. We like to use some routines that we have to make life easier and yet we throw in some spontaneity in the mix. I’m such a planner that I need to just go with it sometimes so that I can jump outside the box a bit. ┬áKeeping things simple is important to us because it brings peace. We have a good life that we work hard for and we appreciate all that we have but we don’t need more. That restless ambition is not something we admire. We would rather have an authentic conversation than an expensive trip somewhere. 2016 will bring it’s own challenges but we believe that we can find comfort in simplicity and joy in our surroundings.