Better Job Less Money

Becoming a Minimalist for me isn’t just about clutter. It’s about adding value to my life. We’ve come a long way but there are some things that I can’t change at the moment like having the big damn TV in our house, and a house that’s not huge but it’s not a Tiny House like I want. Life is a work in progress. We’ll get there.

One of the things that I do have control over in my life is my job. Last week I walked out on my high stress management job. The trouble is that the only one that was happy with it was my husband. I understand his logical reasoning. He liked that I had an 8-5 Monday-Friday job. (Not really, it was turning into late nights, some weekends, and ridiculous expectations for the money). My husband liked that with all the overtime I was doing, I was making “good money”. I was miserable. Insomnia set in about a year and a half ago when I took the job. I would fall asleep early only to wake up at 2am worrying about regulations or the million things I had yet to do. Enough of that.
Something moved me that last day. I was only there about five minutes on a quiet Sunday as the manager on duty when I started cleaning out my desk. Then I couldn’t stop. I filled my backpack with what I wanted to keep and either threw away the rest or gave it away. No one thought a thing of it. I even made commentary that I didn’t think I was going to stay. No one took me seriously. I went home that night and started applying for other jobs. I updated my resume and sent it off. The next day a response came from a home care company with a request for an interview the next day. A phone call to my assistant verified that she wanted the management position and was eager to take over. I emailed my resignation to my administrator then a separate email to the management team. I regretted leaving them but it felt good to be done. Suddenly my phone lit up with texts. I cited health reasons and left it at that. My blood pressure stopped pounding in my ears. I slept through the night that night for the first time in a long time. The weight had lifted.

My new job is what I love to do, take care of people. I can choose when I work, who I work with, and where I work. I can drop off and pick my child up from school. I get time to workout and even attend the free yoga class at the library. Hmmm. The downside: No insurance and less money. It’s challenges that I am willing to accept. To me it is worth it to be able to live in peace.