Becoming a Minimalist can be overwhelming. Sometimes we think we have to do it all at once with one big purge or we think that if we have too many things to count we will never get there. Lately there are many great books out there to tell us how to do it but it’s a rather personal journey when you are talking about getting rid of things you own. Here are some things to consider along the way that will help keep the anxiety away.

Don’t compare yourself to others.
While it’s nice to see what others are doing on their journey to becoming a minimalist and how they are doing it, you shouldn’t measure yourself against their progress. Setting goals isn’t necessary either. If you want to become part of a group challenge that’s fine but don’t beat yourself up if you fall behind. Becoming a minimalist is meant to be a positive experience not one more stress.

There are no rules.
You don’t have to participate in all of the group-focused challenges out there for minimalists. Even if you read a book and like what it has to offer for knowledge you don’t have to accept every concept as your own. Minimalism as a lifestyle is about making your own rules and adapting as you go. You don’t have to follow the crowd or do something that goes against your every being. Pcik and choose what works for you.

Think outside the box.
If you truly question getting rid of something put it away in a box for six months. Then decide. Take pictures of things if they are memories and make an online album. Donate and know that what’s just been lying around your house is now the center of attention and joy at someone else’s house. Think beyond the concept of being without.

Choose all at once or one thing.
For some people it’s easier to purge their belongings all at once. For others it’s overwhelming just to think about it and they need to focus on one area at a time. There’s a time for everyone and you get to choose what that is. Focusing on one area of your home at a time can be easier if you have much to go through and if you have a family to consider it may be easier to get them on board with you.

Don’t be afraid.
Don’t be afraid of letting go of things. After I sent things to donation etc there were a few things that I missed but I didn’t go right out and buy them again or continue to mourn their loss. I found that as time went by I really didn’t need them and my first instinct in letting them go was correct after all.

As you let go you realize how little most things matter. You learn to keep just the things that you need and love. It’s not painful as some on the outside looking in might think. Becoming a Minimalist is being surrounded by space and a few things that bring joy.