Staying on Track

Many of us start out with an excitement about our new found minimalism quest. We have an energy that’s fueled by cleaning out closets, donating to the needy, and simply needing less. We brag about being able to walk away from a sale and we stay away from those blatant advertising gimmicks that suck people into buying.

Then we stumble.

Maybe it’s when the seasons change and everyone else is out buying a new outfit.

Sometimes we feel the need to boost our spirit with something new and shiny.

Whatever the case, there are times when we as self-declared minimalists fail.
We put those expectations on ourselves. No one else does.
When we buy something we don’t need or fail to reach our goals it starts a whole cycle of emotions and actions. We don’t have to torture ourselves.

* Turn off the advertising.
Advertising is down to a science. In order not to get caught in the veritable web
we need to stay away from visual marketing such as TV, magazine, and newspaper
ads. This can be done by using an online streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon, watching DVD or Google Play movies, or by simply turning off the TV and
reading a good book. It’s next to impossible to escape advertising all together
but we can certainly lessen the impact it has on our lives by closing the gap.

* Be Unique.
Becoming a Minimalist isn’t for sissies. Those that got into minimalism because it seemed like everyone else was doing it are the ones that won’t be able to stay for long. Minimalism is about doing your own thing and being unique, choosy, and standing out not because you are like all the rest.

* Space is good.
The next time you are tempted to buy something remember how good all that empty space feels or how great it is to have that tiny living space that’s cosy and saves you all that money.

*Think of the environment.
Buying mindfully helps us preserve the environment. Stay close to nature by avoiding convenience items or extra packaging that comes with processed foods etc. Be a responsible consumer by only buying what you need and not wasting helps all of us.

*Don’t keep up with the Jones.
Sometimes we think we need something because it’s the newest trend or because the neighbor has it. Buy something because you need it not to keep up with others. It speaks of your character.

*Join a tribe.
Be a part of online groups or find a buddy that will help you accept the challenge of not spending. There are groups online that go for as long as a year without buying anything new.

The real trick is to surround yourself with the right people that share your minimalism interests and to turn away from marketing. There is nothing like the feeling when you walk out of a store realizing that you truly didn’t need or want a thing.