The journey towards minimalism has been an interesting one and continues to amaze me as I find yet another facet to go through.

I used to think that the unnecessary only applied to material possessions. As I cleared the clutter and kept only what meant most to me both in functionality and sentiment I wondered why I continued to clutter the test of my life with people and things that either interrupted my peace or simply didn’t matter. It has been a harsh reality to come to terms with but I found I was holding onto relationships and a career that didn’t nurture me or bring me peace. They both totally went against what I was striving for. I had to delve deeper. The move across country was what I needed to break free from the last of the physical clutter and to gently fade away those ties that were choking me.

You can’t live a life of peace with minimal possessions and a whole lot of baggage.

That concept when first realized, rattled me.

I quit my management job and found peace in a simple place that I make much less. I also need less so it worked out. Some relationships were harder to break away from and things got crazy. Precisely why I walked away. It sounds dramatic. In the end it wasn’t. I quietly exited. Silence sometimes says more than you think.

Now, I am careful not to get tangled in more responsibility than I want at work or get sucked into another crazy friendship. I simply make it known that I am not a girlfriend. I’m an introvert. I like it that way. Even if I wasn’t, I would pick and choose carefully.

I don’t steal other people’s problems. Meaning, I don’t fix things for everybody anymore. I stepped away from social media. I don’t offer advice except in blog form, and I comment less in conversations. I’ve learned to listen more and need less of the spotlight.

It’s awesome.

The unnecessary isn’t always about reading the latest clutter book, racing to get rid of things, or sitting on the floor. The unnecessary may be staring you right now in the face. What will you do about it?