Like anyone else I enjoy spontaneity but when it comes to my normal daily life I thrive on routines that when combined give my life that Zen quality that I searched for all of these years and finally found.

5am- Zen Cleaning. Each day of the week has a room assignment for me to clean. I have the most energy reality in the morning so it’s my morning mediation practice. I’m not one that is able to sit so I combine moving meditation with my house cleaning. It makes it so easy.

530-Learning yoga.

6am-Snuggles. I spend this time with our child. He reads and I use my World Geography and Vocabulary building apps. I fully admit that it sneaks education into down time. Shhhhh. Don’t tell the child.

645- Make lunches. I rarely make one for myself since I am happy with One Meal but I do make one for our child since he eats predominantly vegan with us.

7am-Dress and grooming.

730-Coffee. We take another 20 minutes of family connection here. We state our plans for the day and perhaps read the news and discuss it.

750-Off to school and work.

830-Work. I quit my management job and took a job that’s much lower stress and involves less people. There’s much less drama and I can sleep better at night.

230pm-Pick up child. Tuesdays we go for ice cream.

300-Tea Time. This is a time when I make a cup of tea, cut a slice of sourdough bread, and take it upstairs to my loft. It’s my time to write or do whatever I wish for me.

400- Go for a walk with the dog.

5pm- Cook dinner. This is a ritual for me. I’m happiest when I’m chopping vegetables.

6pm-Dinner and review of the day.

7pm- Watching documentaries while we use the cardio machines. I tried to do without the machines but due to extreme weather I can’t seem to get enough exercise without them.

8pm-Spend time with my husband. We watch travel shows, read, etc. While our youngest child takes his shower. It’s stolen time for the two of us.

830-We all pile into our bed and listen to our child read to us. I never want that to end.

930-Lights out