It feels good to remove all of the unnecessary objects from your life, your house, your mind. Becoming a Minimalist is a journey and I’ve welcomed it every step of the way. At one point I thought that getting rid of some things was the wrong thing to do but after that five minutes of regret I moved on and realized that I enjoy mere simplicity.

I’ve gone beyond the challenges and competitions now. Although I enjoy reading about other minimalists, I am at a place that I am comfortable with what I have. If I were a single woman I would go towards more extreme minimalism but at the moment I am done cleaning out closets and counting things. Now I am learning to focus  without having to clear any more clutter.

I like this minimalist life now not because I am lazy but because my stress level is way down and I have the time to write and enjoy so much more of life. Since I’m not distracted by all of those extra things I had to do or the job that never ended, I can now focus on my education and developing an independent life that fills my spirit.

For all of the people that are thinking about becoming a minimalist or at least reducing the clutter in their lives, I will say this: Don’t be afraid of having less. Having possessions doesn’t have anything to do with your true value as a person even though society essentially teaches us it does. If you can stand on your own two feet with very little around you, people will see the good all the more clearly. Becoming a minimalist brings authentic people closer to you and the shallow personalities fade easily away.

A simple life is easy in that  everything becomes very clear. You have very few financial worries because you are living within your means all of the time. You have true friends. You tend to seek out work that has more meaning and are even able to take less money if it means it’s a job you will love.

Living simply encourages each one of us to be just who we are.