Becoming a Minimalist hasn’t been that hard. Once in awhile, I find myself wishing that I hadn’t been so quick to give up a particular item but the regret never lasts long. I find more peace with the empty space and more time spent writing and gardening instead of organizing things I don’t really need. People ask me what I gave up. Here’s the 10 most prominent things that created a better life.


  1. Vanity: I stopped wearing fancy clothes,makeup, coloring my hair, shampoo/conditioner, and skin products. Now I use lemon juice, baking soda, castile soap, and vinegar. No regrets.
  2. Hobbies: I gave all of my yarn, paper books, sewing, and tools for all of that away. Now I focus on writing instead. I love it because it’s all in one place, no mess, and what once was a hobby is now taken much more seriously. Done.
  3. Titles: I gave up the big -titled management job that was killing me. Now stress is gone, I have a versatile schedule, and a job I love. I also have more time to write, walk, play and just plain be at home where I love to be.
  4. Just In Case Items: The bulk of items that I tossed were stored at my house “just in case”. Just in case I lost weight. Just in case I traveled. Just in case the kids came home. Just in case I had a party. Just in case I could live without a lot of things.
  5. Cheap Junk: I stopped buying disposables as well as cheap clothing, food, and decorations. Now when we do buy it’s something with value that we need.
  6. Animal Products: I found it healthier and greener to adopt a plant-based diet as well as Vegan shoes. I look at it as saving resources rather than a stance on animal rights.  It takes much fewer resources to make vegan shoes or meals than it does to make leather or meat. It just made sense.
  7.  Shopping: Now I buy dry food products in bulk, shop for clothes on Black Friday only, and let my husband do the shopping for weekly vegetables that we can’t grow. Next year I am planning a garden that will feed us year round. I can’t wait.
  8. Anything I didn’t love: Those things that were hanging around with no purpose or joy attached to them went. This didn’t even take any effort. Now everything that comes into the house has to have preferably more than one purpose or is so beautiful that we can’t live without it. Generally, function wins out.
  9. Shallow People: When you stop wearing too much makeup, shopping for a hobby, eating out every night, titles, and buying things for status, shallow people don’t want to hang around you anymore. It’s a kind of natural selection that’s pleasing. A few people that constantly created their own chaos continued to hang around but I said goodbye to them and hello to peace and serenity. Setting boundaries isn’t bad.
  10. Stress: When I stopped spending too much money and began appreciating how easy leading a minimalist life really is, the stress faded away. Much of it had to do with changing jobs but I wouldn’t have been able to do that so easily if I hadn’t changed the way I live first. It all made me realize how much stress we create for ourselves.