The 7 Basics for Minimalists

I’ve been experimenting with minimalism for a while now. The road to minimalism is going in many directions and we all seem to choose a different path to get to the same place in the end. Here are my 7 basics for becoming a minimalist.

1) Clothing: Limit and organize your closet. Many have a particular number or even a standard uniform that they keep and nothing else. You can choose to have a few quality pieces that last or you can buy for the season and donate or sell the rest.

2) Food: I choose to eat One Meal a Day but you can make your life simple in other ways that suit you so long as you are mindful of waste and stay simple. I recently chose to quit stocking up on food and just shop mindfully.

3) Shelter: Clear the clutter. Donate or sell what you don’t use. Redefine your space. Keep as little as possible and keep what makes you happy. Getting rid of sentimental items may or may not come later. Once again, use it or lose it.

4) Exercise: Calisthenics, running, walking, and doing physical work all count as exercise. You don’t have to belong to a gym or have fancy equipment to work out.

5) Entertainment: Take advantage of free community events, cultural events, and plan ahead for travel. If you are looking to be frugal there are lots of options. There are tons of free books and blogs online for reading, Youtube for watching, and plenty of local events anywhere you live. If there isn’t, create one.

6) Spirit: Take care of your spirit by reading, listening, or attending your choice of gatherings. Also, get out into nature and connect with it. No matter your beliefs, getting into nature has a profound effect on our sense of peace.

7)Time: Once you take care of the other basics, you have time to contemplate, travel, meditate, spend time with loved ones, garden, smell the roses, and just


What on your basic checklist?