I have a confession to make.

I like wearing the same thing every day.

I know. I should be caught up in fashion because a lot of my job is marketing and that’s simply what marketers are supposed to do. Being in the puclic eye could be influential in my life and yet it’s not. The realization came during a chat session at the office when I mentioned that I don’t have the stress of what to pack for vacation because I always wear black and I always wear the same thing. One of the men in the group who sees me every day responded, “I didn’t know you wear black.”
Exactly. Very few people really notice or think about what I wear.

This year, I’ve become extreme with it and I’m not sorry. I wear black jeans, a black 3/4 sleeve tee, and black shoes. If it’s cold I throw a black cardigan on top or in middle winter, a black jacket. It suits every purpose from meeting to transport.

The problem is that I just don’t care about fashion.

The fact that the fashion world plays on the insecurities of women pisses me off.

I have the advantage of being over 50. When I was younger fashion mattered to me. I grew up and realized that it didn’t matter to me. I might change my mind but for now the uniform suits me. My husband is not a fan. I’m not a fan of his plaid shirts either. Somehow life goes on at our house and there’s no major tussle over it.

In the summer, I roll up the jeans on occasion and wear my black flats. I used to worry about buying capri pants for summer but I’ve found that once again, no one really questions the fact that I roll them up.

Wearing a uniform isn’t boring to me. I find it freeing not to have to decide what to wear. Not stressing over the cost of what I wear is really nice too. I buy quality that will last and classic lines that are never out of style. With the jeans I don’t have to worry about nylons, multiple shoes, or wardrobe malfunctions.