Finding Purpose Matters

Part of the motivation of becoming a minimalist for many of us is that it helps us focus on finding our purpose.

Too often, we are caught up in everyday worries of society and work. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking that so much of this is important. Everywhere we look media is telling us that we lack something, that we need to obtain more, do more, and if we aren’t constantly chasing something more then we aren’t ambitious enough, or smart enough to keep up with the trends in order to fit in.

Do we want to fit in?

I look around me and see so many women trying to all look alike with long blonde hair, fake lashes, painfully thin bodies, and that latest garish fashion that will fade in little time. Why would I want to be lost in the crowd like that. Think about this. We as women, do our best to “fit in” and follow the crowd, only to find ourselves invisible and feeling unworthy of attention by the age of 40.

For men, as long as they never show weakness, feeling, or admit that they might not know something, they are accepted. These expectations seem inhuman. Men are constantly judged by the amount of money they earn and status symbols such as the fancy vehicle or a house.

Why isn’t anyone rating our happiness???

Midlife Crisis may actually be the point where we wake up and realize that we are done with trying to be like everyone else, and we want to redefine who we really are in this life. This results in a journey to find our purpose.

What purposeful work do I enjoy?

Are we just going through the motions every day?

Instead of thinking of self, what could I do for others?

How do I change into what I want to be?

Do I worry too much about image?

Does my work matter?

What would I change about my life?

*Clear the clutter in your life so that you can focus on what matters. This means look at your home, your schedule, your relationships, and glean the good stuff. Fix or dispose the rest.

*Minimize the unimportant. Say no. Commit to less.

*Make Priorities. Go hiking if you need to connect to nature, spend time doing the three most important things to you.

*Cull the herd. If your friends require more maintenance than you have time or energy for and it’s not reciprocated, then make a decision to make your time valuable.

*Research what sets your soul on fire.

*Take a leap, make changes, fix your life.

Finding your purpose takes time and certainly doesn’t have to be one final answer. It’s an invitation to explore and to take chances that make sense. Finding your purpose can lead you on all sorts of adventures big and small or it can lead you to the peace that’s right at home. You decide.