Some people think I’m crazy wearing a Minimalist Uniform. The first person is my husband. I happen to wear any comfortable black tee that I get for a bargain at the thrift shop. He quietly hates that when he does pay attention. I should care. I try to care. I don’t.

I think part of being attractive is being somewhat comfortable in whatever you are wearing. I’m overweight and I am more comfortable in my navy and black shirts. The funniest thing I find is that people don’t really notice what I am wearing. I used to wear all black and people would comment on that once in a while but they don’t really notice that I wear a black top and jeans. I’m lucky enough to be able to wear jeans most of the time in my current work situation. I still look professional in my dark jeans and black tee but I don’t have the worry of buying or keeping other clothes.

Every once in awhile I give into the pressure that may or may not be all in my head and I think I “should” dress more diverse. I always end up hating it and go back to my blue and black. I think that I’ve actually progressed to include the blue. I am at a point that I don’t really feel that pressure anymore. I’m just going to do what I want and what feels good. What feels good is a minimalist uniform for a few reasons.

I can buy quality clothes that last when I buy a minimalist uniform because I don’t ever waste money or spend it needlessly. I always regret my ventures into a more diverse wardrobe because I just end up donating those clothes back and the money has been wasted. No more.

Wearing a minimalist uniform keeps my life really really simple. I don’t have to think about combinations, textures, or fashion. I buy my tops at the thrift store and take my time choosing them. There is always a sea of black and navy blue there to choose from so I hardly ever have to walk away with nothing unless I want to. I look for quality items that are still in good condition and that will be in a material likely to last. For instance, I try not to buy too much cotton that will fade fast or has already faded. I look for tops that are wool first because I adore wool in any season. For summer there are lighter weights or I end up buying at least one cotton tee and I try not to wash it too much and take care of it. None of these choices cause me stress or worry. If I don’t like something, if it fades, or if it doesn’t suit the season well enough and I don’t want to keep it until the appropriate season comes around I donate it and replace it with something similar if I really want it again. I try not to do too much of that because it simply wastes money and I try to be frugal as well as minimalist.

Black and Navy blue are suitable for all occasions. I have two pairs of jeans and one pair of black pants. These seem suitable for most all occasions. For the summer picnic I wear my black short sleeve tee and roll up the bottom of my jeans a bit if the bugs aren’t out too much. If I have a funeral to go to I wear my nicest black sweater and my black pants. If I’m going to work I wear my Navy or Black 3/4 sleeve tee, my silver hoop earrings and my dark jeans. Once again, I might worry about fashion a bit more if people indicated that they really noticed that I repeat clothing on a regular basis but they don’t.

Do I turn people’s heads and make them look my way twice? No I don’t. I’m beyond that. I’d rather gain attention for my kindness and my intelligence or my artsy nature. I’d rather have a warm conversation at the grocery store because I am approachable than stand out and be attention seeking. I never look dowdy or frumpy. I am always put together, clean, and presentable. I care enough not to be that person that arrives at the grocery store in their pajamas looking like they rolled out of bed and got into the car. I just refuse to be a victim of markets.

Do I get bored? No Never. I’m too busy with work, art, family, and other people to be bored. I have a really full life and I embrace minimalism because it gives me the freedom to live this life to the fullest without worrying about things that simply don’t matter.