Why I Fired Marie Kondo

Everyone’s talking about Marie Kondo and The Art of Tidying Up. People love her gentle persona and her brilliant method to organize everyone’s home. By her description in her book, she just can’t help herself from organizing.

Firing Marie Kondo was easy

A couple of years ago I checked out Marie’s book from the library and proceeded to try and follow her instructions. It was bad from moment one when I was instructed to dump out my possesions on the floor in a pile then pick them out one by one and decide if they spark joy in me.

Nope, Not doing it.

First of all, I overestimated the amount of things that I needed to organize. I’d already been on the road to minimalism for a few years and I didn’t have much left to put into cute little organizer sections in my chest of drawers, or any space in my home that had any kind of pattern of clutter. I couldn’t bring myself to be quite THAT sentimental about it either. Some things I either needed or I didn’t. I looked through what I had left, put what I didn’t need in the donation bin, and called it good. Those sentimental items Marie Kondo talks about are here but they are a very select few and they are all contained in a small memory trunk. I really was more organized than I thought.

Organizing a lingerie drawer

Again, I tried to live up to the expectations of Marie Kondo. I folded and refolded. I found shoe boxes, then went to the dollar store for true organizer baskets that looked nice but didn’t need clothes to be in nice little folds. Now, I just sort, drop in, and go. It looks nice in the drawer but I’m not doing folds.

My Pantry is better than yours

Marie, I think my pantry might be better than yours. After the description of organizing the kitchen and pantry, I quickly determined that I simply didn’t need help here. I buy just enough bulk foods for a Simple Menu Plan for a week. It’s all put in mason jars of varying sizes. I don’t organize that at all. I recognize that this is unusual but I’ve been on this path for a while.

Dear Marie, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Dear Marie, It’s not you, it’s me. I simply don’t need you. There’s not enough in my home to stress about organizing. There’s just enough to use, to love, to have. Most of it’s naturally pretty in it’s simplicity. The other few things fit in the drawer rather nicely with room to spare. It’s nothing personal. I’m sure that you’ll go on and enjoy your career and have plenty of work. You’ll be fine without me. It’s taken me a long time to get to this but, you’re fired.

Minimalist Humor

This post has been my minimalist feeble attempt at humor. Organizing used to be a past time for me. I was so caught up in both organizing and minimalism that I forgot that at some point minimalism wouldn’t really need organization. Once I started giving things away and clearing the space, I was hooked. I remember the day I threw away most of my organizer baskets because they had sat stacked and empty in an empty closet. It was a sort of milestone. That was right after I read Marie Kondo’s book. It’s a great book by a lovely woman. It would help many people decide what to keep. In the meantime, keep your sense of humor and journey on to minimalism.